Withrawal Procedure

- The school may be compelled to take such extreme step when it is felt that the continuation of the child in the school is harmful for other children or the school community as a whole. Willful or repeated violation of any school rule is one such example.
- If the parent or guardian of the student violates any of the school rule or indulge in any such activity that may directly or indirectly harm the atmosphere or the reputation of the school, the school has the right to cancel the admission of the student.
- A written application in a prescribed format is to be given to PRINCIPAL for withdrawal of a child one month in advance.
- A school leaving certificate shall be issued after settlement of all outstanding dues of the school and receipt of application for withdrawal. It shall be issued after 10 working days from the last day when a child attends school. Advance intimation to the school about the tentative decision to withdraw your ward is always expected by the school to facilitate the smooth admin process.
- Original copy of the refundable deposit must be enclosed with the application for school leaving certificate. If the same is not found with application, school shall not refund the refundable deposit subsequently. School fees needs to be paid till the date of production of original slip of refundable depost.
- School fees once paid shall not be refunded.
- Application for school leaving certificate should be given to the principal at main campus. The application for LC shall not be entertained without personal meeting with school principal.


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