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About School :

AISV takes its name and inspiration from the word 'Amicus' which means FRIENDSHIP.

AISV follows CBSE as its curriculum from 1st standard onwards.

Treasure of AISV :
Class to accommodate 35-40 students.
Learning through play way methods, analytical, logical and project methods.
Holistic Growth
Physical Development
  Holistic Growth
Aesthetic Development
  Through art, craft, clay work, music, dance, dramatics
Spiritual Development
Through prayers, shlokas, reading of ancient Indian scriptures
Mental Development
  Through reading, quizzes, debates, elocution
Social Development
Through emphasis on etiquettes
Through field trips - education not bound by the walls of the class rooms. We believe in giving them practical exposure to the outside world
Cultural Development
Through celebrations of national religious festivals
Intellectual Development
Through competition and creative expressions
Educative, informative and interactive PTMs every quarter
Holistic Growth Regular and rigorous training of the teachers to upgrade their knowledge and meet the experience of smarter, brighter students of the new era.
Communication through mails interacting via stimulating environment aided technology
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